What is Best Bar None?

The Best Bar None program originated in the UK in 2006 and launched in Edmonton in 2010.Best Bar None was created to recognize and encourage the bars that prioritize patron and staff safety.

How Best Bar None Exported to Canada

History of Best Bar None Just like English pubs, Boxing Day and using the word “zed” instead of “zee”, Best Bar None was created in the United Kingdom and exported to Canada.

Simply the best, bar none!

Best Bar Award Winners Every Best Bar None accredited bar is simply the best for taking your fun and safety seriously.  While every accredited bar is one of the best, some earn the privilege of also being award winners. 

Raise your Mocktails for Dry9 and Best Bar None

Find out what mocktails the professionals are serving at their Best Bar None accredited bars. One of the many ways bars provide responsible liquor service – and also great options for guests – is to provide non-alcoholic drink options (mocktails) on their menus. 

Find the Perfect St. Paddy’s Celebration

Planning to get together with friends and family for St. Paddy’s Day? Getting your green out (and your lucky four leaf clover) to celebrate the big day? The next question you might ask is “where shall we go?” to have a fun night out. 

Where Calgary spotlights Best Bar None

Calgary freelance writer, Don Tse, wrote an article in the March/April issue of Where Calgary magazine. The article spotlights the Best Bar None program as well as the Best Bar Finder, a search tool that allows users to find accredited bars. Find out more info on the program and our convenient finder at

Bystander intervention training launched in Edmonton

“5 Minute Friend” bystander intervention training On Thursday, April 5, 2018, 5 Minute Friend, a new bystander intervention training program was unveiled that will empower and train bar staff and management to identify and successfully intervene to prevent sexual violence in a bar environment.